About Us

Educational Games of Excellence

We teach phonics, reading, writing, spelling, and grammar JK- Gr. 3

Our Mission Statement

*Find a way to help children  learn phonics, reading, writing, spelling and grammar that is fun and easy.

*Make learning fun for both the parents and children.

*Help teachers in the classroom by providing simple tools that help students to be successful.

*The products we develop are there to help children to learn and to enjoy the act of learning.

Our History

My name is Erika Dick and I created a number of educational games. I started a company which focused on creating educational games that would help children to learn phonics, reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

I have taught children for over 30 years in elementary school and high school. In elementary school I taught K-Gr. 3 and Special Education. In high school I taught English, Retailing, Marketing, and Physical Education Grades 9-12. I have also taught in vocational schools.

In all of these years, while I was teaching, there is one important fact that I learned-the most important foundation for any child is to be able to read fluently and to enjoy reading and writing.

Children who do not learn to read and write by the beginning of Grade 3 face many challenges and find it difficult to catch up.

Last year my grown children, who now had young children of their own, asked me to consider reviving our company, Educational Games of Excellence Inc..

A lot has changed over the past 20 years but some things remain the same. Children still have to learn phonics, reading, writing, spelling and grammar. Many children still have problems learning to read and write. The basics in early education have not changed. More parents are working and teachers are faced with more children in the classroom who need extra help.

I decided to find a way to help parents and teachers to teach these fundamentals using the methods of the original games Top Story and Funny Phonics.

My story

As a young teacher, with three young children, I realized in 1993 that there was a real need in our schools because many children had difficulty learning to read. One of my own children could not seem to learn to read and write in Grade 1. I came up with a game to help him to learn to read. Other teachers and friends encouraged me to publish the game and Top Story was created and published. Top Story was a success.

It helped children to learn reading, writing, spelling and grammar while children played the game. It was sold across Canada and in the US through educational toy stores . Many school teachers from K-Grade 3 used the game in their classroom to help their students.  It was also used by special education teachers and by English as a second language teachers. Top Story received a three star rating by the Canadian Toy Testing Council and a Parents Choice award in the US.

I went on to publish two more games-Funny Phonics, and Math Mania. Both became successful and were used in schools in Canada and the US. My children were young, my husband travelled a lot because of his work and my mother had Alzheimers. I chose to close the company and concentrate on my family.

Now many years later I decided to revive the company and to share my knowledge. My own grandchildren are now starting school and having some of the same difficulties in learning to read. I visited a number of schools and saw that little had changed. Some children were still having a hard time learning to read and write in the early grades.

Top Story was a board game which used color coded word cards to create sentences. The game included blue naming words, green action words, red helper words and yellow descriptive words. In addition there were Wild Cards that allowed players to bring their own words into the game. There were over one million sentence combinations possible.

The game became a success and was used in schools and homes across Canada and the US. The game was awarded a 3 star rating by the Canadian Toy Testing Council and an Honor award from the Parents Choice Foundation in the US.  I decided to create two more games, Funny Phonics and Math Mania. Funny Phonics was created to help preschoolers and JK and K children as they learned the alphabet, and phonics sounds. Math Mania introduced these same children to numbers, shapes, and early math. The phonics cards were picture cards that could be used with the Top Story word cards and with the Top Story board game. Very young children could make sentences combining picture cards and simple words. Visit our Store to see our products that will help your children and grandchildren to read and write!