Hello to all the moms, dads and teachers,

I hope you all had a great Canadian Thanksgiving!

I’m delighted to announce that my Funny Phonics Kit for $19.99 now comes with Free shipping in Canada. This is a terrific tool to help you as you teach phonics and reading. The Phonics Flip cards have a picture on one side and a word on the other. All word and game pages are heavy card stock. Photocopy and cut them up. Two samples are included below to download. Check out our store here:

Link: https://www.educationalgamesofexcellence.com/store/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=email_this&utm_source=email

Chapter 19 adds action words to our sentences. If you have already introduced action words during your phonics lessons you are ahead of the game. If not, then please follow the guidance in Chapter 19 to introduce what makes an action word (verb). A strong foundation here will make writing sentences and stories so much easier. Having children act out the actions helps them to understand what an action word or verb is and why it is so important in a sentence. 

It might be helpful to pair some monkey pictures of action words with the words. For older children have them write their sentences or stories and circle the action words with a green marker. They will quickly get the idea that each sentence must have at least one action word.

Download Chapter 19 here: Chapter 19-pdf

Download two action word pages here: pg61 copy  pg63  

If you have set up your word wall, (last blog), then make sure to add your green action words to the wall. Add a few at a time so children can learn them in small bites. Always teach small segments so you do not overwhelm the child learning new words. Remember 20 minutes a day is better than a long session.

Make it fun for yourself and your children. Learning should always be a fun activity!

Have a happy day!