Hi Everyone,

Regardless of your child’s grade level this is a great chapter for review. It teaches the basics of making a sentence. For older children let them bring in more helper words and descriptive words to make more complex sentences. Or if they are ready they can write a story.

For our younger children we have progressed from making 2 card picture sentences to mixed sentences using pictures and words and then to using only words. Some children may still be in the early picture sentences. That’s ok. It is important to judge when your child is ready for the next step and to add words as they are ready to learn new words. If you have an older and a younger child ask the older child to play teacher. Teaching someone else to do something reinforces your skills. 

Today we are adding Chapter 20 of Read a Rainbow, Write a Rainbow: Chapter 20 pdf and 4 new word pages here: pg67, pg69, pg71, pg73.

We have added a page of naming words, a page of action words, a page of descriptive words and a page of helper words.  If you have an old deck of cards cut up your word cards and paste them on the cards. Place them face down or deal them out and see how many sentences you can make with your coloured word cards. Feel free to do the same with picture cards that you downloaded in previous blogs. 

When a child makes a sentence have them write it in their sentence book. Make sure that you write some sentences as well. By writing sentences yourself you are showing that you value this activity. Later on read all the  sentences to other family members. 

Its a great way to learn reading and writing while playing games. See how many different sentences you can make.

And don’t forget to add some new words to your word wall!

Have a happy day!