Hi everyone,

If you want your children to read well and to love reading then writing daily sentences or stories is something they must do. Chapter 21 on early sentences follows our lesson last week of how to write a simple sentence. It is important to take it in small steps or segments. You cannot expect your child to sit down and start writing a story. As their reading improves so does their writing. Start with very short 2 or 3 word sentences. You may even need to go back to picture sentences. Make it fun! Tell them it is like writing a comic book.

Here is Chapter 21, 

pdf-action words 3-paint ,

pdf-naming words 2-man


Use your word wall or your collection of word cards to help with spelling. Don’t worry about spelling mistakes at this time unless the word is in front of them. Practice with printing is also important. It should be easy for the child and that comes from doing the printing daily. Here is a story starter your child may enjoy. Use the words provided to write some sentences or a story. ant 2

Remember to keep it simple and fun. Fifteen minutes each day will make a huge difference! 

Have a happy day!