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I think this is probably the most important chapter of my book. Daily writing helps your child, regardless of age, to become a better reader and writer. This will also help your child to become aware of grammar and to be a better speller.

By doing something we learn. We can talk as much as we like, we can listen, but until we actually do it we are not learning the way that we should. That is why my concept of playing with colour coded words from an early age works so well. 

If your child is unwilling to create sentences in their sentence book get a book for yourself and both of you sit down to write sentences. Use easy words in your own sentences if your child is young. Make it more challenging if your child is older. Teaching by example is a powerful tool!

For those children in the higher grades make it a story notebook. Pick a topic and both of you write a story. Then share your stories. Make it a fun activity!

Download Chapter 23 here: Chapter 23 pdf,

pdf-hockey player story starter

Here is a story starter to use in your sentence book. This is one of the story starters from Writing Fun with Story Starters, a download for $5.99 in our store.

Your child can write sentences on the sheet or just cut out the picture and paste it in your sentence book and write the sentences or story into the book. Use any pictures or photographs you have around the house to provide a story starter. Add some words that you are trying to teach and you have created your own story starter! I love using photos of family activities, holidays or pets. Make a special story book as a gift for Christmas to send to a family member. This is guaranteed to make grandparents happy!

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