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Today’s lesson is Chapter 24 which explains helper words.

In the colour coded Rainbow method of teaching reading, writing, spelling and grammar all of our words are colour coded according to parts of speech or how words are used in a sentence. This may sound complicated but it is actually very simple. 

We have first introduced naming words (nouns) and then action words (verbs). Children have learned to make simple sentences using just two words. Then we added a second action word in a sentence. Now we are ready to add our next category of red helper words.

We call them helper words because they are all the little words that help our sentences to make sense. There is no need to explain that these helper words are prepositions, conjunctions and articles. Keep the explanation of the colour coded words simple!

Chapter 24 breaks down our lessons into three days. You may need to use more days to teach these lessons. It is always better to take more time to make sure your child has a solid grounding. If you wish to introduce helper words much earlier you may do so but limit the words to the very simple ones and add new helper words gradually.

Download Chapter 24 here: Chapter 24

Download red words here: Page 73    Page 74

Keep doing your daily sentences or stories in your sentence books. Encourage your child to use new words each day in their sentences. Add some words of your own and make sure to show if they are naming words, action words or helper words. Have fun playing with words!

Have a happy day!