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Using more descriptive words and summing it up

Hi everyone, Today we have the last two chapters of my book Read a Rainbow, Write a Rainbow and the revised edition renamed Teach Phonics & Reading with Games & Activities. Teach Phonics and Reading is only available from Amazon for only $9.99 at In December we will go on to some Christmas activities.  […]


Adding descriptive words to our writing

Hi everyone, Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the USA! If you are new to my blog, or already a subscriber, I would like to welcome you with a special pre Christmas offer on Amazon! I have reduced all my books to make shopping for reading materials a bit easier. Please visit my author […]


What is a helper word?

Hello everyone, I want to thank you for continuing to download my blog and working with your kids. I know how difficult it is to have both parents working and still try to make time for reading and writing stories and sentences. I believe that one day you will look back on the time you […]


The sentence book – learning to write daily

Hi everyone, I think this is probably the most important chapter of my book. Daily writing helps your child, regardless of age, to become a better reader and writer. This will also help your child to become aware of grammar and to be a better speller. By doing something we learn. We can talk as […]


New product and activities coming soon!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a Happy and safe Halloween! We have a few more chapters to go until the end of the book. But I have been busy working on Math Mania lessons and on French words. So there are lots of new lessons and downloads coming. Here is a preview of […]


Make daily writing fun

Hi everyone, If you want your children to read well and to love reading then writing daily sentences or stories is something they must do. Chapter 21 on early sentences follows our lesson last week of how to write a simple sentence. It is important to take it in small steps or segments. You cannot […]


Making simple sentences every day

Hi Everyone, Regardless of your child’s grade level this is a great chapter for review. It teaches the basics of making a sentence. For older children let them bring in more helper words and descriptive words to make more complex sentences. Or if they are ready they can write a story. For our younger children […]


Let’s add action!

Hello to all the moms, dads and teachers, I hope you all had a great Canadian Thanksgiving! I’m delighted to announce that my Funny Phonics Kit for $19.99 now comes with Free shipping in Canada. This is a terrific tool to help you as you teach phonics and reading. The Phonics Flip cards have a […]


Yes we are making a difference!

Hi Everyone, I’ve been sharing my free downloads from my book Read a Rainbow, Write a Rainbow for about 5 months now. I’m so honoured to have been chosen for a segment on Global News, in Toronto, Ontario, called Making a Difference, hosted by Susan Hay. The interview will be aired Tues. June 1st. at […]