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Making simple sentences every day

Hi Everyone, Regardless of your child’s grade level this is a great chapter for review. It teaches the basics of making a sentence. For older children let them bring in more helper words and descriptive words to make more complex sentences. Or if they are ready they can write a story. For our younger children […]


Let’s add action!

Hello to all the moms, dads and teachers, I hope you all had a great Canadian Thanksgiving! I’m delighted to announce that my Funny Phonics Kit for $19.99 now comes with Free shipping in Canada. This is a terrific tool to help you as you teach phonics and reading. The Phonics Flip cards have a […]


The naming game-a fun activity around the house

Hi everyone, I’m delighted to announce that I have been working on my new activity book- Make Writing Fun with Story Starters.               I haven’t yet decided on the final title but it will be for K to Gr. 6 students. Reading and writing are closely linked and doing […]


What is a word wall?

Hi everyone, What is a word wall? Teachers in the primary grades all have a wall on which they post current words, letters, phonics, or other things they are teaching. At home you can create your own word wall either by using a bulletin board or by using a chart or a sheet of bristol […]


Why Naming words are so important

Hi everyone, I’m excited to tell you that I am currently revising the soft cover edition of Read a Rainbow, Write a Rainbow. The lessons will remain the same but I am moving the activity pages to the end of each chapter to make it easier for parents and grandparents who are teaching at home. […]


Do you know your child’s reading level?

Evaluating your child’s reading ability K-Gr. 3 As children are preparing to go back to school, or have already started, we want to make sure that they feel confident and happy. There will be changes in the school day that are not in their control. But it is really important that we encourage them and […]


Back to school

Hi everyone,  As children are returning to school there will be excitement and some anxiety. Routines need to be re-established after a long break and we are all still anxious about the pandemic. Take it a day at a time and don’t worry about the small stuff. To help your children feel happy about the […]


From Phonics to Reading and Writing

Hi everyone, It’s almost time for a new school year! It has been a roller coaster ride during the last 16 months for parents, students and teachers.  Mental health should be our top priority. Make sure your children feel safe. Try not to worry but take it a day at a time. If you have […]


Let’s talk-about missed school, evaluation, & Sept.

Hi everyone, First I would like to welcome all the new members who have signed up to receive my blog and the free downloads from Read a Rainbow, Write a Rainbow.  For those of you who may have missed my interview with Susan Hay, Making a Difference, on Global News here is a link that […]


Yes we are making a difference!

Hi Everyone, I’ve been sharing my free downloads from my book Read a Rainbow, Write a Rainbow for about 5 months now. I’m so honoured to have been chosen for a segment on Global News, in Toronto, Ontario, called Making a Difference, hosted by Susan Hay. The interview will be aired Tues. June 1st. at […]